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Ad Astra Per Aspera

To the Stars Through Difficulty

Masquerade! Grinning yellows, spinning reds~
27 August 1989
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- a 21-year-old college senior that wishes she had more time to devote to writing.
- is a rambler by nature and will talk your ear off once you get her started.
- can be nonsensical and crazy, as well as overly polite and helpful.
- is open-minded and will read/write for anything, including het, slash, and femslash.
- adores gen, and the occasional pairing centric fic.
- enjoys making graphics and playing around in photoshop when not writing or procrastinating.
- is, and will always be, a fangirl at heart – and she doesn’t mind that in the slightest.
air gear, bleach, the bartimaeus trilogy, the chronicles of narnia, death note, d.grayman, d n angel, fullmetal alchemist, hands off!, harry potter, house m.d., katekyo hitman reborn!, kingdom hearts, kuroshitsuji, leverage, merlin (bbc), naruto, natsume yuujinchou, percy jackson and the olympians, prince of tennis, supernatural, sword and cornett, warehouse 13, white collar
the journal
- is not friends only.
- open to any and all.
I mod/co-mod:

deathly_contest is a recently created Harry Potter fanfic contest that offers a different theme and a word length every week. Come and join the fun!

camelot_fics is a four month challenge with four themes and one challenge per month. All based around BBC's Merlin. Feel free to join up and watch for the next round!