Ad Astra Per Aspera

To the Stars Through Difficulty

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Any particular text? If not, I'll just leave them all textless~

I can't think of any. Textless is fine. Thanks.

Mkay, finished a few icons for you. I'll put them up in the post.

Thanks. I really like them. I am willing to share them. Others can take them, if you want to make a note of that.

Mkay, I'll put that up in the post. Glad you liked them!

Oh! Btw, did you want a drabble too? Feel free to keep requesting until Sunday. :)

A drabble? Sure. How about something with Draco just after Voldemort is defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts?

I felt so sorry for the Malfoys sitting in the Great Hall after the battle with no one paying them any attention.

Posted your drabble up in the post! :)

I really like seeing those events through Draco's eyes. Thank you. I love the drabble!

Glad you liked it! It was an interesting idea you suggested and I couldn't pass up the chance to write it.

At least what you've written is short. I'm still working on my SS/HG story. I've written another 1,000 words. It's up to almost 5,000 words now. I have all the remaining plot points mapped out too.

I can't wait to read the rest of it! Good luck. Is it a one-shot then, or a novella?

But I can relate to writing long stories, orz. I have a novel-length project started over at with Severus as a 'sort of' mentor to Harry. My first real stab at writing a novel-length story. And it's hard!

I thought it was going to be a one-shot, but if it gets much longer, I will break it up into chapters. However, I don't think it will be longer than some of my previous fics in other fandoms. I had one that was over 17,000 words.

Woah! What fandom was it for?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Awesome. I am going to gank 4 and 11, with your permission (Severus and Bellatrix)

Nice Douglas Adams reference ;D

Sure! Glad you liked 'em.

xD Why thank you~! I really love Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the book, that is). And, well, the movie has Alan Rickman's voice. Enough said.

I haven't seen the movie but I've read all 4 books. They're still laying about on my bookshelf, clamoring to be re-read.

Gotta love Douglas Adams' writing! As for the movie, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (considering the transition from book-verse to movie-verse), but then I'm a sucker for satire, cynicism, and mice taking over the world.

Here. Have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, and stick this fish in your ear, it really helps with the locals.

xDD I have a feeling I'll soon be re-reading certain books now.

Oh! Forgot to ask. Would you like any icons or drabbles~?

I like your icons already. I made the one above. Bwaaahaha, but I do stink at graphic design. So suprise me with a Severus that isn't Alan Rickman ot Adrian Brody. ;D
Fic: Something featuring Draco and Severus' struggles in HBP or a DH-era non-canon scene. I don't have many sqicks but crossgen sex is one.

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Tricky! But I love a good challenge. I'll give it a try. Wait. Can I include fanart for the icon set, or just real life stills~?

Fanart most definitely. Like my icon above. I dragged it off Photobucket, just a snap of his face while he was killing Dumbles.

Great! I'll be sure to get it finish tomorrow night for you. <3

Thank you in a slippery way. Ah, those smooth scales of mine feel nice udner my undulating, muscular body... ~~~~~<~

I finished that Severus + Draco drabble for you! Not too sure if I like it or not, though. >.

That was pretty intense, unusual read for me, I'm liking the fresh angle. I read the same people's fics all the time.\

Concrit is just more description would be great. Otherwise, a splendid fic with my favorite and his ulikely godson.

xD;; If I wasn't so tired I probably would have gotten more descriptive, but yeah, I can see what you mean. Although, most of the time I get told off for being too descriptive and these drabble things kind of help cut back on that, on the unnecessary words I tend to use ;;

'Course, I wouldn't mind trying to write you a longer fic, if you'd like? I dunno, I'm up for any prompts I can turn into a one-shot! Though I can't promise how swift I'll be on writing it.

I think the drabble you wrote was really good. I liked it a lot. I wouldn't want a rewrite but if you think of a Minerva/Seveus I'd love it, they're my new favourite duo.

Concrit keeps me motivated! I love rising to the challenge and trying new things. 'Cause it's tricky, writing so few words and being descriptive, I'll have to keep that in mind when I write more drabbles in the future.

As for the Minevra/Severus suggestion. Sure! I'd like some actual practice writing her before I try something smaller in drabble format for crossgen. Hmm. Could you toss me a prompt?

Prompt: The Lion's Share of the Snake Pit

Totally ganking 2, 9 and 12 and the rest were amazing but I'm running low on icon space


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You're welcome <3 Do you mind if others use them, though? Or should I put up a non-shareable note?

Everyone should be allowed to lay their hands on these.
Spread the Severusness...

Mkay. :) Just wanted to double-check. Completely forgot to ask scratchingpost1 about that >.< /brb facepalming.

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