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Fic List for Livejournal
Blanket Disclaimer: If it's fanfiction, it's fan-based. Any stories posted on this journal are purely fictional and the characters do not belong to me. They belong to their respective enterprises and authors.

Now onto the stories! Or something like that.

Harry Potter

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Merlin (BBC)

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[Harry Potter] Drabble: Life As We Know It
Title: Life As We Know It
Challenge: crossgendrabble Draco Malfoy/Rose Weasley - prompt: Malfoy Manor Library
Word Count: 218
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kissing! Scorpius/Rose-ness. Draco envying his son.

Rose whispers quietly into Scorpius ear as they lean closer and closer together.Collapse )

[Merlin] Fic: Impulse
merlin cast: heart to heart
Title: Impulse
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Leon
Word Count: 981
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Shameless fluff and slashy kissing scene.
Summary: Leon is nervous before a tournament. And it's not because of the tournament.
Diclaimer: Characters aren't mine. This version of Arthurian Legend belongs to BBC and the Shine.
Author Notes: Written for zephre , a teammate for camelot_fics . Go Team Gwen!

The knight left behind admires the token of favour and secures it more tightly round his wrist.Collapse )

NaNoWriMo: Day Seven
I've got some kind of head cold and it's hard to concentrate on anything, but I managed to finish my ldws drabbles and work some on NaNo. Not too thrilled with my writing at the moment, but meh. It's better than none at all.

Word Count: 2207
Total Word Count: 11860
Hours Spent Writing: No idea.
Last Line Written: “Yeah. Right. So what’s this really about?”
Morale (from 1-10): 4. Being sick is no fun. At all. Ugh.
Things I Did Well Today: Got a few more scenes written when I wasn't sleeping.
Things I Didn't Do So Well: Insults. I think my dialogue insults could use some work. I don't feel up to par.
General Thoughts: It's coming along fairly well. Just need to decide how I'm going to introduce the girls. And soon.


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NaNoWriMo: Day Four
Word Count: 1642
Total Word Count: 9653
Hours Spent Writing: Started around 9:30, stopped at 12:00. About two hours out of that.
Chapters Written: Another chapter down!
Last Line Written: If he didn’t get up now, he was likely to stay in bed all day.
Morale (from 1-10): 6. I think I could have written better and written more if I didn't feel so exhausted tonight.
Things I Did Well Today: Persisted in writing even when I felt like throwing my hands up and going "Nooo, screw it all!"
Things I Didn't Do So Well: Thought what I was writing was a load of crap ;;
General Thoughts: I got some writing done, at the very least, but I'm determined to write more than this tomorrow. Gotta keep going until this thing is done!


/flails. >.<Collapse )

[Harry Potter] Drabble: One Night
To be honest, I can't believe I've made it this far in the Snarry LDWS. Seriously. I'm failing pretty epically at the Bill/Fleur one, so. Yeah. I'm kind of thrilled that I'm going on Week Five already!

/is a happy little fangirl

Title: One Night
Challenge: snarry_ldws
Word Count: 393
Summary: Sometimes there’s no reason to be alone when someone else can be there for you, and you for them.
Warnings: None.

"Something on your mind?"Collapse )

[Harry Potter] Drabbles: More Than That & Trust
One more drabble left to go and then I can do something more constructive. Like catch up with my f-list, etc. etc. Yada. Yada. And yes, I'm rambling. I know. Stopping now, promise. Enjoy the short, short drabbles while I go flail in the direction of an empty word doc.

  More Than That
Prompt: Horace Slughorn/Blaise Zabini + Hogwarts Express - drabble tag with regulus_kat
Rating: G
Word Count: 177

Blaise lingers a moment outside of Slughorn's compartment, out of sorts.Collapse )

Title: Trust
Challenge: bwfd_ldws
Words: 275
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff. Lots and lots of fluff.
Author's Notes: I seem to have a thing for the picture prompts.

"Nothing left to tell."Collapse )

NaNoWriMo: Day Three
stock: dog
Just a heads up. I'll be posting my ldws drabbles and one last drabble tag I forgot about tonight. And, well, if I get any other writing done tonight, that'll probably be up and about as well. Ffft, so. Yeah. I apologize in advance for cluttering anyone's f-list!

Word Count: 2716
Total Word Count: 8011
Hours Spent Writing: Started a little before 8, so. About four hours.
Chapters Written: Possibly finished chapter two.
Last Line Written: “You killed my people. Good people. People who had done no wrong!”
Morale (from 1-10): 8. Some scenes were being stubborn. But I'm surrounded by such wonderful people who kept me going strong!
Things I Did Well Today: I used big words! Lol, no. I dunno. I kept going even when I could have stopped.
Things I Didn't Do So Well: I kept back-spacing when the dialogue didn't seem to fit. I should have just overlooked it.
General Thoughts: Ah, where to start. Let's see. I'm getting pretty attached to Madoc. I discovered it's easier to write from his pov and he's just generally so angsty and cute all at once. I can't wait to write more of him. But I know tomorrow I'll be starting out with jerkface ... I mean, Daniel. Uh. No. I have so not taken to nicknaming my characters. What are you talking about?! /shifty eyes.

On another note! I can haz fanfic writing time now~ /whistles and happily goes off into a Merlin/Gwaine frame of mind.


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[Merlin] Drabble: Don't
merlin/gwaine: rough boys
So, after finishing my daily word count limit for day two, I went ahead and watched episode 3.08 caught up on Merlin - then promptly wrote this for the prompt "campfire hotness" over at merlingwainebar . Words fail me at how great Eye of the Phoenix was. And the bridgekeeper! I hope we see more of him. Er, fangirling aside, let's get to that drabble.

Title: Don't
Characters/Pairings: Gwaine/Merlin
Word Count: 393
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Fluff! UST.
Summary: A missing scene from 3.08. Gwaine and Merlin share warmth even if the campfire is more than enough.
Disclaimer: Not mine, characters belong to the Beeb.

Merlin smiles and shifts into a more comfortable position with his head resting against Gwaine's chest.Collapse )

NaNoWriMo: Day Two
free hugs
Snagged this from thedreamisreal , 'cause it's an awesome way to map out progress.

And, hey, if anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy over at the NaNo site, feel free to do so! I'm illusionrain over there as well.

Word Count:
Total Word Count: 5295
Hours Spent Writing: Mmm, roughly about three.
Chapters Written: Finished chapter one, I think, and started chapter two.
Last Line Written: There had to be books on dreams; surely there were ways to make them go away, if not prevent them.
Morale (from 1-10): 9! Happy with how it's going and dexstarr and scarysnapey are awesome in their support.
Things I Did Well Today: Stopping at the end of a scene instead of leaving it hanging like last night. It was driving me crazy all day until I could write more, lol.
Things I Didn't Do So Well: I kept going back and fixing little nuisances when I couldn't think of what to write next.
General Thoughts: It's insanely fun writing snippets of 'past lives' someone could have lived, but the aftermath of them waking up is hard to write!


A bit longer than yesterday's, so have an lj cut.Collapse )


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